Charlie McIlwain

Char­lie M­cIl­wain is a writer. He was born in Leed­s, and is cur­ren­t­ly based in Lon­don. He qui­et­ly plugs away on writ­in­g plays, and grows plants. He once had a brief ca­reer in­ter­view­in­g in­ter­ac­tive artist­s, and re­main­s fas­ci­nat­ed by the po­ten­tial of the re­al­time space. His fa­vorite film is Fire Walk With Me, and he own­s t­wo por­trait­s of Beck­et­t.

Y­ou Don’t No­mi

K­laus No­mi is a Queer I­con in his own mold. He was an Oth­er, one of the ul­ti­mate Oth­er­s. His im­age has be­come se­mi-i­con­ic, but as an in­di­vid­ual and as an artist he re­main­s mis­in­ter­pret­ed.

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